Serbia Fashion Week, Backstage preparation

“…Relax, nothing is under control…”

Good, good time, Sicily 2014

“…You only live once, but if you do it good, once is enought…”

Sikanie Creativa, Italy, August 2012

“…Peace and love here we come…”

Sicily Happening, April 2012

“…The Sun is my lord and I have no longing except for the One…”

Belle amie, New fashion happening, spring 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

“…Here is my story…no risk no glory…”

Split EFF 2011 Party

Omnia mei at a new fashion event in French riviera – Spring 2011

Omnia mei at fashion event in French riviera – September 2010

EFF 2010 – Friend designers

EFF – Europe Future Fashion Week in Split 2010

Charlotte Fashion Week 2009

Sarajevo Fashion Week 2006-2008